MUSIC LOVER + COFFEE LOVER, 80 years studying at the Central Academy of Drama and Literature, 90 years to become China's first real radio DJ. First introduced in the country rock, jazz and electronic music has influenced a generation of Auditory system. The current radio program hosted by: Easy FM China Radio International FM 91.5 "Jazz Spring" "Dance Time" Beijing Music Radio FM 97.4 "my music life"

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The Africa-Arabian region produces some of the most distinctcoffees in world and is home to some of the world’s oldest and finest Africancoffees, including the famous Mocha coffee. Kenya and Ethiopia offer rich, full-bodiedcoffees with tones ranging from floral to citrus to fruity. These robust flavors can make coffees fromother regions taste tame by comparison.


Asian and Pacific coffees are known for their smooth flavorsand moderate acidity, they are often full-bodied with earthy overtones and asomewhat dry aftertaste. The coffeesfrom Indonesia are among the most famous in the world, remarkable for theirfull body, rich taste, and vibrant yet low-toned acidity with a longaftertaste.

The most renowned of these Indonesia coffees are the SumatraMandehling and the exquisite Kopi Luwak, whose cherries are selected by the famedcivitcat.


Coffees from the Americas can be very well-balanced andconsistent, but are also known for their light to medium bodyand clean mouthfeel. American coffees generally exhibit a slight sweetnessaccented by a crisp, even spicy acidity. Flavorstones range from fruity to chocolaty for an overalldelightful experience.

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