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If you have any questions, please take a look at our FAQ below.


How long does it take to process an order?

Your coffee will be roasted the day of or the day after we receive your order, depending on what time of day we receive it.  Regardless of when it is roasted, it is packaged immediately after roasting to ensure maximum freshness, and then shipped that day.


How much do you charge for shipping?

We charge you what varying rates depending where in China you are and how much you order. The lowest rate is for orders of less than one kilogram made within Beijing city limits – 6.00 RMB. The base rate for shipments of 1 kg or less elsewhere in the country is 16.00 RMB.  


What size packaging do you use for your coffee?

Our basic individual coffee bag is 250 g, but for institutional or F&B customers we have larger options.


Can I add something to an order I just made?

Unfortunately, at this time our website does not have that capability. If your order has not yet been produced, we can cancel your existing order and replace it with a new one. Please contact our customer service representative at


Can I pick up coffee at your offices?

Our offices are not set up for direct sales, but we encourage you to use this website! Just head on over to the If you don't have access to a computer, you can also call one of our offices and place an order that way. 

The Beijing office number is:(86-10)8049 0710 and the Shanghai office number is: (86-21)6428 8941


Are all your coffees 100% Arabica beans?

Yes indeed :) We do not carry, use, or deal in any robusta beans. Many companies will use robusta beans in some of their blends and refer to those blends as “Arabica coffee”.  We feel that the only way to offer our customers the most consistent, high quality coffee experience is to roast exclusively Arabica beans.  Hence the name, Arabica Roasters!


How should my coffee be stored?

Your coffee will be fine in its Arabica Roasters bag, but we recommend that you take a few basic precautions to prevent premature aging.

Do not store your coffee in a cold environment. Do not put your coffee into the refrigerator, or outside in the cold, or in a cold cupboard.

Do not store your coffee in a hot environment. Do not put your coffee on or near a machine that leaks heat, like an oven, stove, or even the outside of a refrigerator. 

Do not store your coffee in a wet environment.  Be careful to keep it as dry as possible! 

Instead, keep your coffee at room temperature, in a dry place. Stored properly in whole bean form, coffee should retain much of its flavor for a week after it was roasted. After opening your bag, however, we recommend moving your coffee to a dark, airtight container (avoid letting excessive light hit the coffee) and keeping your coffee at room temperature.


How dark do you roast your coffees?

Most of our beans are roasted to a medium roast, though we also roast some to what coffee folks call “Full City” – that is, a dark roast, but not as dark as it gets.


Why does my coffee seem oily?

Coffee will appear oily either because it has been roasted relatively dark, allowing the beans' natural oils to emerge during the roasting process, or because its oils have naturally risen to the surface – a process that takes varying amounts of time depending on the beans and the roast in question.  Oil on coffee beans is a completely natural occurrence and does not mean the beans are unhealthy or unfit to use for coffee making.


How is your coffee packaged?

All Arabica Roasters coffee is packed in bags made out of foil with a one-way air release valve. The bags are filled and heat sealed to lock in the freshness, while the valve allows the coffee to “breathe”. Because our coffee is roasted right before it is shipped to you, the slow release of CO2 that naturally occurs after roasting is still occurring when your coffee arrives. Due to the physics of this degassing process, fresh roasted coffee cannot be vacuum packed.


You used to offer a certain coffee; why can't I buy it anymore?

Coffee, like any agricultural product, is sometimes in season and sometimes not – so if a given single varietal is currently not in season, we may not offer it until it is in season again.  In addition, we are always on the look out for new and exciting single varietals, and our Roast Master often tries out new roast profiles, so we regularly feature new coffees to try out.


Can I buy green beans from Arabica Roasters?

We do not offer our beans green or un-roasted, though if you are interested in working with us to create a specific roast profile, please see our Signature Blend page.


Does Arabica Roasters offer pod or instant coffee?

At the present, no, we do not.


What do "organic" and “Fair Trade” mean?

Fair Trade is completely different from organic, but in practice, coffees that are one are often the other as well. Organic coffees are coffees that have been grown without the interference of various chemicals, so they will be healthier, and more friendly to the natural environment of their place of origin. Fair Trade, on the other hand, means that we as a company guarantee the farmers a fair price for their products, and work to create a sustainable and human connection between coffee growers and coffee consumers. Organic products are about sustainability in farming, and Fair Trade is about sustainability in economic and socio-cultural interaction.  Arabica Roasters believes very strongly in both, and takes pride in supporting Fair Trade certified growers who use organic farming practices as well.  If you're interested in either type of product, you can select “organic or “Fair Trade” right above the list of our coffees to see what we currently have on offer!


If you have any other questions, just send us an email at

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