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Arabica Roasters:Outside Wild Bean Video Competition

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Arabica Roasters:Outside Wild Bean Video Competition

One、Host: Outside Magazine
Two、Organiser: Arabica Roasters
Three、Competition Time: 1st April 2016-31st December 2016
Four、The Campaign: Do not take anything away but yourphotos, do not leave anything behind but your footprints.
To raise public awareness of environmental protection and that we have a responsibility to protect our planet. The Wild Bean competition pushes each one of us to consider how we can do something to protect the environment. Get your videos and photos of you enjoying the environment to usand each quarter users will vote to choose theirfavourite. Winners will receive a "Wild Bean"prize!

Six、Participants: Lovers of coffee and the Great Outdoors.
Seven、Competition entry: Video upload to Youku in the following way:
Outside Wild Bean+ Entrant’s name+ Location + Activity (e.g. Outside Wild Bean, Mike FurstWanlong, Skiing)
Eight、Criteria for evaluation:
1. Theme: Outside or eco-friendly, or both(mountain biking, skiing, extreme driving, rock climbing, mountain climbing, snow boarding, surfing, wind surfing, cliff diving, etc.).
2. Published on Youku
3. Copyright holders or the owner of a copyrighted work. 
4. Time of video lasts between 30 seconds and 30 minutes.
1. The top 10voted videos of each quarter. Prizes announced and sent in the first 15 days at the end of each quarter. Prize:
Jane Goodall Fair Trade Signature Blend (250g) filter grind 1 Pack

2. Best 5 videos of the season Prizes announced and sent in the first 15 days at the end of each quarter. Prize: 
Jane Goodall Fair Trade Signature Blend (250g) filter grind 1 Pack
1 Arabica coffee 320ml ceramic mug

3. 1 final year award(Named by the judges, selectedfrom the top 5 of each quarter. Prize awarded at the end of next year. Prize:
Jane Goodall Fair Trade Signature Blend (250g) 1 Pack
1 Tiamo pressure pot 300ml
1 Arabica coffee 320ml ceramic mug
1 Eupa grinder

4、WeChat, Weibodraw - 5 packs of coffee awarded each month to content posted on both WeChat and Weibo( Arabica Roasters WeChat aluokecoffee microblog@阿罗科咖啡  Outside WeChat outsidemaga microblog @户外杂志). Prizes awarded in the first 15 days of each month.
Jane Goodall Fair Trade Signature Blend (250g) filter grind 1 Pack

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Li on Tel: 18821131834
"Outside Wilde Bean"Contest model video

视频: 阿罗科咖啡野豆比赛样板视频
Latest "Outside Wilde Bean" Videos, Please click here for more video
6 Rivers Run
  40 day and night, the 40 marathon, across the 6 continents, MiNa ran for the global water crisis
   "Thirst" CEO to promote the sustainable development of water resources in the United Nations goal, in March 22, 2017 2017 officially launched the "World Water Day, water and run activities in Las Vegas.
               -40 marathon, 6 rivers, the 6 continents, for 6 weeks, only one reason - water
                    -Water crisis is one of the most serious crises facing the current world economic forum (2015)
                    - by 2030, demand for water will be 40% higher than the supply. The reason for running for
                       water(“The reason for running for water")
                    -- the challenge began in March 22nd (World Water Day) the United States, Brazil, Australia, China
                        way (Chongqing, Shanghai), Egypt, to the end of britain. 
                    - expect a wide range of global participation and awareness of water saving awareness

6 Rivers Run-U.S.A -Colorado River  6 Rivers Run-U.S.A -Colorado River 6 Rivers Run-China-The Yangtze River

6 Rivers Run-Egypt-the Nile                 6 Rivers Run-Brazil-Amazon            
7 Deserts 为水而跑-N0.1西班牙                 为水而跑-No.2 约旦                                     为水而跑-No.3 南极

Aletai wild snow line
One of the most beautiful and wild in Northern Xinjiang, a video - "Aletai wild snow row"

视频:Hola Argentina

In January, Yang Bo and several of his partners in the vast wilderness of Argentina on the sloshing. They drove the mini countryman, experience the wild section of the Dakar Rally, along the Andes Mountains to the south, until the Patagonian plateau, the southernmost tip of the snow and ice lake, on the way with startling speed topped the 6962 meters above sea level, America ", the peak ah empty and melon.

视频: 户外野豆Ken Forde香山骑自行车Outside Wild Bean Ken Forde Mt Bike Fragrant Hills August 2015

视频: 户外野豆付中宝万隆滑雪Outside Wild Bean Mike Furst Skiing Wanlong 2014

视频: 户外野豆Chris Roberts亚布力滑雪Outside Wild Bean Chris Roberts Skiing Yabuli 2012

阿罗科野豆 山龙 Wild Bean - Bike - Shannon 2018
Wild Bean - Bike - Road biking lesson 1
视频: 野豆公路车老霍救助孤狗飞狗 Wild Bean Road Bike Chad Forrest Rescues a Puppy During the Ride

Ms. Hu Chen, Mountain Biker 





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