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What is the Green Luxury Coffee Project?


What is Green Luxury Coffee? 

Green Luxury has two main parts.  
The first is to make available to our true coffee connoisseur friends a range of ultra-high end specialty coffees.  These are the finest, most expensive coffees in the world, and truly part of a luxury coffee experience.   The second aspect of this is the concept that there does not need to be a separation between a luxurious lifestyle, and an environmentally friendly lifestyle.  

In order to show our support of both the luxury food world, and environmental stewardship, a portion of the revenue from our luxury coffee selections, when purchased through our website, will be donated to The Jane Goodall Institute China.  As with the Wild Bean competition in our Healthy Lifestyle section, it is one of our company’s goals to increase public awareness of environmental issues in China.
Our Green Luxury Coffees include the Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy, Jamaican Blue Mountain RSW Estates #1, and Indonesia Sumatra Gayo Kopi Luwak, the last of which represents the absolute height of luxury in the coffee world.   

Click here to view all our Green Luxury Coffees can be found in our Coffee eShop.


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