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Arabica Coffee Roasters offers a range of OEM services. Because every customer is different, we will need to speak with you in person before we can put together a quote for you. The important questions we will have for you, which you will need to prepare ahead of time, are:  
    • We can only produce an OEM product for you if you have a registered trade mark in China. Please prepare your trade mark materials ahead of our first conversation. If you do not have a registered trademark, but still want your coffee branded with your own brand, please refer to our Private Label coffee services.  
    • OEM products have minimum orders, the minimum order will depend on what product you end up choosing from us, and how you want your packaging produced: 
 We can do medium sized runs using standard "blank" packaing, which we apply stickers to; 
 We can do larger sized runs using custom printed packaing. Custom printed packaging assumes that you have enough existing volumes of coffee to make the investment (cash flow investment) in printing packaging worthwhile; 
    •  We have the ability to produce OEM packaging at just about any price point you want; 
    •  If you have a blend which you would like to us to recreate, we are happy to do that. We are also happy to work with customers to custom create a special blend. 
    •  We are happy to sign and NDA with any customer interested in this type of service. 

If you are interested in learing more about this service, please feel free to contact us: 

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