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Arabica Roasters offers custom labeling services for customers who are interested.  We call this our Private Label coffee service. 
This service adds your company’s logo on to our existing packaging, and allows you to offer your customers a very special and unique coffee experience.  You can see examples of some of our Private Label coffee at the bottom of this page. 
To do this, we are happy to have our marketing department work together with your marketing team to create a style you like.  If you want something more unique, then we are happy to reverse the rolls, and work with whatever your marketing department can create. 
The requirements for this service are:
·         The front of the packaging has to have both Arabica Roasters’ logo, and your company logo, and the Arabica Roasters’ has to be at least
·         All standard Chinese food packaging legal language (we know a fair amount about this, if you have questions, we are happy to discuss this service with you);
·         The back of the packaging has to have our Factory information on it, including our SC (生产许可证) number;
·         Minimum orders for labelling, and per order, vary depending on the specifics of our cooperation, but we can do runs of as little as 10kg.  We can also do very large orders.  Every one of you is a unique business, and we can tailor our Private Label coffee services to your needs. 
We are also happy to work with you promote your coffee brand through our online platforms, and cooperate on joint online sales strategies. 
If you are interested in custom made packaging which displays only your logo, it is more complicated, and requires that you have a Trade Mark registered in China, but we do also provide this service.  Click on this link to learn more about our full OEM services. 

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